Software Engineer

Hello there, visitor.

I'm a Software Engineer with a proficiency in web application design and engineering.
If you're looking for an autonomous creative developer to help build impactful, human-centric products, let's talk!

When I'm not tinkering with code or pushing pixels, I'm mostly thinking of my next big plan to take over the world :)

A little about me,

Software Engineer, creator and human, from India.

I've completed my Bachelor’s in Computer Sciences, but everything I know of and specialize in, has been self-taught. I’ve always enjoyed exploring multiple subjects and learning new stuff for self growth or out of sheer curiosity. I’m happy my career is one where a primary requirement for staying relevant is to keep learning.

Being an active member of the Hacker community, I've built many prize winning projects, judged at hackathons and have been a speaker at high profile conferences like FOSDEM, Hackcon etc.

Apart from work, I contribute to improve Open Source software, maintain some of my side projects or explore new hobbies!

Meet some of my Open Source projects!

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Digital voice journal to log dreams, generate sentiment analysis data and use it to recommend products


React, GCP, WebSpeech API, Data Visualization
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An interactive, voice powered murder mystery that uses Google Dialogflow to react to user questions

Noir Night

React, WebSpeech API, Dialogflow, NodeJS
Preview GitHub
GH action to create a draft release with the changes introduced in a new version tag

OctoRelease Couscous

Github API, gh Actions, TypeScript
Preview GitHub
A showcase of all the work done by the fellows during the MLH Fellowship

Fellowship Wrapped

Next.js, Go Lang, Github API, Bootstrap 4
Preview GitHub
VS-Code Extension that inserts an excerpt from The Bee Movie script to replace Lipsum text

Ya Like Jazz?

VS-Code API, Javascript
Preview GitHub
Developer portfolio template to showcase work. Minimal and playful design

Developer Folio

React, graphql, apollo-boost, react-twitter-embed
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Web platform built for a national hackathon conducted by IEEE & WiE

Hack With Her

JAMStack, Bootstrap 4, integrated payment, jQuery
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DnD inspired game involving multiple stats for the player like HP, AP and itembonuses

Cave PitchBlack

Python 3, Procedurally generated, OOP
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Music trends website built on JAMStack. My first full website built for a college web-tech project

Vibe Music

jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap 3, Custom Resources

My past work experience

    • Nov 2021 - Present

    Senior Software Engineer


    Built multiple products and systems from scratch using NextJS, GraphQL (using Relay), Postgres and MUI + styled components.

    • May 2021 - Nov 2021

    Frontend Engineer


    Built new features, components and rewrote existing code using React, Redux and CSS-in-JS.

    Surveyed and executed a tech debt cleanup project, addressing 169 tickets in a 2-month timeframe.

    • Feb 2021 - Apr 2021

    Frontend Engineer Consultant

    Stealth Startup

    Worked on a CSP security scanner software using NextJS, TypeScript, Node and Tailwind.

    Delivered successful features, debugged and polished existing dashboard UI.

    • Jun 2020 - Aug 2020

    Software Engineer Fellow

    Major League Hacking

    Built a scheduling profiling tool for the React Devtools, using JavaScript and Canvas, to visualize and improve application performance in React's cooperative scheduling mode, called Concurrent Mode.

    • 2018 - 2019

    Web Developer


    Built visually stunning, user friendly websites through volunteership and freelance activities.

    Used HTML and CSS for translating desired visual designs to code and JavaScript for adding interactivity to the components.

If you like my work,

I'm a Software Engineer looking for an impactful role in a dynamic, mission-driven product company.

I care about the impact I can have in your company, and the positive impact we’ll have together for the benefit of our users.

If you've got an interesting project that could benefit from my skillset, I would love to get along and work on your product.

Reach out to me!

Drop a message, my inbox is always open!
( unless the internet goes down, then just throw a pigeon my way :)